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Liftmatic air springs can be found at a number of locations on a truck and trailer, including the primary suspension springs, auxiliary axles (such as a lift axle), as well as the cab suspension and often a front (steering axle) suspension.
Air springs are also used on heavy duty pickup truck suspension and can also be fitted as an aftermarket upgrade. Other applications for air bags include seat suspension, rail vehicles and industrial vibration control.

The Single, Double and Triple Convolute Bellows, Rolling Lobe and Sleeve Types are available in a wide range of sizes, steel and plastic pistons with the end retainer style required to suit your specific installation.


Liftmatic Dampers convert the kinetic energy of the shaft being pushed or pulled into thermal energy by forcing oil through a narrow opening. It takes energy to force the oil through the small opening shearing the oil, converting some of the energy into heat. There are 2 distinct types of dampers –

Cavitating dampers are the most cost effecient but will only provide smooth motion when mounted close to vertical.

Non-cavitating dampers can be mounted in any orientation without loss of function. There are many diiferent types of non-cavitating dampers that include twin tube (short non-cavitating damper), self centering dampers and standard non-cavitating dampers with a floating piston.

Liftmatic engineers can help you identify the best option for your application.


Gas springs are used to lift or counter balance an object but are also used to resist or decelerate a moving object. They are used extensively on automobiles to lift hoods, trunks, lift gates etc. along with trucks, buses, farm equipment to name a few.

Liftmatic supplies a complete range of gas springs from standard parts that use oil to decelerate the shaft at the end of travel to groove tube designs that allows the engineer to taylor the profile to the application requirements.

We offer stainless steel and a wide range of locking gas springs that can be rigid in compression or extension and flexible designs.

We also offer a full range of locking mechanisms that can be used in conjunction with the gas spring. If you do not see what you need we will custom design a gas spring for you.


Liftmatic Shock absorbers are available in a twin tube configuration. The basic function is very similar to a damper; oil has to pass through a constricted opening from one side of a valve to the other as the shaft moves in and out. Forcing the oil through the opening converts kinetic energy to heat which is dissipated by the shock absorber. The majority of Shocks are used on vehicle suspensions to dampen the oscillations of the springs but are also used on truck cabs, dock lifts, snow plow blades, aircraft, conveyer systems and many other industrial applications.

To define the correct shock absorber for an application you need to have a complete understanding of the static and dynamic requirements of the application. There are many variables in a shock that can be used to modify how it functions.

Liftmatic uses state of the art linear motor Dynamometers to engineer parts to customer specifications and to help tune the final product.