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Air Spring – Liftmatic

Liftmatic air springs can be found at a number of locations on a truck and trailer, including the primary suspension springs, auxiliary axles (such as a lift axle), as well as the cab suspension and often a front (steering axle) suspension.

Air springs are also used on heavy duty pickup truck suspension and can also be fitted as an aftermarket upgrade.

Other applications for air springs include seat suspension, rail vehicles and industrial vibration control. Air springs isolate vibrations from the suspension and chassis systems by providing dampening from both vertical and lateral movement. The result is a much smoother ride for passengers and drivers whenever an air spring system is deployed.

Categories of Air Springs

The Single, Double and Triple Convolute Bellows, Rolling Lobe and Sleeve Types are available in a wide range of sizes, steel and plastic pistons with the end retainer style required to suit your specific installation.

Liftmatic specializes in combining both the air spring and shock absorber to create a single assembly for cabin suspension on large trucks. This concept can be used anywhere both an air spring and a shock absorber or damper is required in the same assembly. By combining the two components into one Liftmatic can save packaging space and provide a lower cost unit performing both functions.