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Twin Tube Damper

Twin tube dampers are a non cavitating damper that compensate for the shaft volume as it is pushed inside the tube by pushing oil from the inner tube to the outer tube. Inside the outer tube is closed cell foam or an air bag that is compressed by the oil providing the additional volume required.

These dampers provide a large stroke with a short body length and are often referred to as short non-cavitating dampers (SNCD).

These dampers provide superb operation at any mounting angle and provide the maximum cycle life for all non-cavitating damper designs.

The faster you move the shaft in and out of a damper the more force you generate. When designing a custom damper we need to know the force required at 2 different speeds so we can develop the correct force vs velocity curve. Many customers are unable to generate these values and it often requires some trial and error to get the desired forced curves.